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Strange white streak across Earth discovered on latest Google Earth Imagery

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A bizarre line running across the Earth has been spotted om Google Earth.

Conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner, one of the guys behind the Secureteam10 YouTube channel, uses Google Earth to keep an eye on things around the globe, because you can’t trust the mainstream media, am I right?

Anyway, during one of his searches, Tyler come across this weird straight line spanning around 13,000 miles – from the tip of the Antarctica to the North Pole.

It looks like the vapor (or Chem Trail, depending on how deep into your conspiracy theories you are) from a plane to me, but in the clip Tyler is quick to dismiss naysayers such as myself.

“This was not created by an airliner,” he says. “This map here and at this distance only gives us images of the major cloud formations and weather around the Earth.

“There are obviously hundreds of thousands of contrails by planes but we cannot see them.

‘Whatever created this cloud formation, if that’s what it is, would have to be massive.

‘Not only that, it would have the ability to go from Antarctica spanning 13,000 miles in a straight line all the way to the North Pole without stopping and without changing direction.

‘It would have to do this fast enough to leave this entire line of clouds in perfect condition like it moved over the Earth in a matter of minutes.’

If the line is real, it may have been produced by a new type of jet capable of traveling at extreme speeds.

However, there’s a chance it may have been produced by a glitch in Google Earth, which stitches together photos taken at different times together.