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US ready to carry out “preemptive strike” if North Korea fires another missile

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The United States are ready to attack North Korea if the country decides to proceed with nuclear tests, White House sources told NBC this morning. NBC managed to obtain information from several “high ranking officials close to the White House and the intelligence community”.

However, Department of Defense denied these allegations, saying that this was once considered an option, but is not discussed at the moment. DoD officials remind that, right now, their and State Department’s major focus is to try and find a peaceful solution by cooperating with China, North Korea’s closest and possibly only true ally.

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that Pyongyang’s efforts to build more nuclear missiles “is a problem, but a problem which can and will be solved”. Trump added that several possible options are being considered, in case that negotiations with China fail. But he provided no further details.


Last week, US and Chinese Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jingping met in Florida to discuss the ongoing situation in the Korean peninsula and restore bilateral relations between their countries

North Korea has been carrying out a series of nuclear and missile tests in the last couple of months, raising tensions in the entire region and prompting USA, Japan and South Korea to increase their combat readiness. US Army even deployed a battery of anti-ballistic missiles to South Korea to help the country’s defense against a possible attack from North.


In February, US Army deployed its THAAD missile system to South Korea to help it protect itself against ballistic missiles

President Trump seems determined to end North Korea’s nuclear program, or at least reduce it to a minor threat, if possible. NBC reports that if he ever decides to approve an attack on the North, such a decision would have major consequences on the entire region. “If the US ever attacks North Korea, Kim Jong Un could launch a counter-attack on the South, which would see lots of innocent civilians killed.”

“North Korea’s nuclear program is a problem. A problem which will be solved. One way or another.”

US President Donald Trump

To make things more complicated, it is likely that China would interfere, which could spark an all-out war between it and the US. “It is obvious that China is fed up with North Korea’s behavior and that it is seeking new ways to restore its relations with the US and the rest of the region. But if the US decided to bomb the North without consulting Bejing, it could lead to a Chinese counter-attack, which could ignite the whole Asian-Pacific region”, the NBS sources suggest.


US military officials and experts fear that US airstrike against North Korea could trigger an all-out war between North and South Korea, which would result in many civilian casualties

This Saturday, North Korea will celebrate 105. anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth. The day is celebrated as a national holiday and is known in North Korea as “The Day of the Sun”. American officials fear that this event might be a motive for another nuclear test launch.

Military officials and analysts suggest that North Korean army has several missiles stashed deep inside mountains, which are to be launched in the next couple of weeks. Pyongyang already posses several ICBM’s capable of reaching US soil, in theory at least. But what worries US the most is the medium-range missiles such as the KN-08, which can be transported and launched from trucks, or TELAR‘s, as they are known in the military circles. These vehicles enable the missiles to be hidden and moved in case of an airstrike or reconnaissance flights over the country.


North Korean mobile KN-08 medium range ballistic missiles could be used by Pyongyang to bomb Japanese and South Korean cities

Meanwhile, North Korean Minister of Defense Han Song Ryol accused US President Donald Trump for escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula and disturbing the delicate balance of power in the entire region. He warned that if faced with no other choice, the North Korea will enter a war with anyone who dares to attack or bully it.

Trump responded by promising that the “North Korean problem will be solved with help from China”, adding that “if that option fails, the US will take care of things on its own”. Bejing called both sides to ease tensions and try to resolve things in a more peaceful manner.