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This Man Eats Food From Bins. He Eats Better Than You And Me!

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Rob Greenfield is 28 years old and during one of his cycling trips he saw huge amounts of food being thrown away . In order to raise awareness of food waste in America, he decided to survive by eating only from dumpsters during a month. He gets most of the food by digging outside of grosery stores and restaurants, where he always finds great amounts of it.


As shown in the pictures, he is perfectly able to survive on thrown-out food which includes fresh vegetables and fruits, lots of bread, bottles of juice, pizza, cheese, and donuts.


During his second trip, the bycicle traveler made the promise to survive by eating exclusively from supermarket bins until reaching New York. For more than 7 weeks and 1,600 km of biking from Madison, Wisconsin to New York, he practiced what is known as dumpster diving in more than 300 bins.


He says he ate like a king and he even gained weight! His main aim is to inspire the USA to stop throwing away food.


During his etire journey, Rob dived through dumpsters in 7 different cities and then displayed everything that he found in a public place the following day. He says people were astonished and even furious at the incredible waste. This is what he found in Chicago, Illinois:


In Detroit, Muchigan, he dived in dumpsters for only 2 hours and this is what he got:


In Cleveland, Ohio he spent 7 hours digging in bins before taking all this food to a park.


10 dumpsters and 4 hours of work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania produced these results:


At the beginning, he never thought of donating the food, but then homeless people started showing up at the food displays in order to get something to eat, and Rob was happy to be able to help them.


An equivalent of $ 10,000 in food was donated and more than 500 people were fed. Thanks to this amazing experience Rob learned that he can reach whichever city he wants and he can feed more than 100 people with one night of dumpster diving.