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US General : NATO should return to its original task – keeping Russia at bay

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NATO should reorganize and focus on its original task – countering Russia and keeping it out of Europe, General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, the head of United States European Command (EUCOM) said during a hearing before the Senate.

Scaparrotti, who is also the acting NATO’s Suprime Allied commander, says that Russia is becoming stronger by the day, and that it needs to be stopped and countered before it becomes a threat to the rest of Europe. “Today we face the most dynamic European strategic environment in recent history. In the east, a resurgent Russia had turned from partner to antagonist as it seeks to undermine the Western-led international order and reassert itself as a global power.”


General Curtis Scaparrotti

He added that Russia does not act nor think as a light force or an ally of the west, but as an imperial superpower with a goal to dominate its surroundings and even the majority of the world. “Russia is sliding back into its Cold War mentality, and is resurrecting its Cold War goals. Which means that we must counter that with equal force and same policy that we used back in the 80’s”, Scaparrotti explained.

The General also requested from the Senate more fundings for US military, especially for those units stationed in Europe and those who are participating in global initiatives and activities.


Members of the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment stationed in Europe as part of NATO’s Joint Forces

Right now, the US has two brigades permanently stationed in Europe : the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Germany and the 173rd Airborne in Italy. These two make up around 10,000 troops, which is only a minor part of the 60,000-strong American troops force currently deployed throughout Europe. However, Scaparrotti and several other US Military officials believe that this is not enough and point out that a military conflict, or a standoff with Russia is imminent and that Europe needs to ready itself for all possible scenarios.