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Kim Kardashian might consider surrogacy for 3rd child after high-risk pregnancy

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Baby mommy Kim Kardashian is considering surrogacy to bring her third child into the world.

Fearing another baby could jeopardize her life, the reality TV maven pondered outsourcing her next pregnancy to another woman on Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“I truly don’t know if my body can handle it one more time,” Kardashian said.

 The 36-year-old met with a doctor, and then a fertility expert, to determine whether she could expect another round of high-risk pregnancy complications.
Kardashian’s first two pregnancies were an ordeal, she explained in a blog post.
Kim Kardashian listens to Dr. Paul Crane during a consultation about her next pregnancy on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

She developed preeclampsia while pregnant with North West and then placenta accreta during induced labor at 34 weeks. The dangerous condition in the uterus can cause blood loss during delivery.

Due to multiple surgeries that followed her first pregnancy, Kardashian struggled to conceive her second child, Saint, with hubby Kanye.

“You’re always taking a little bit of a chance,” Dr. Paul Crane warned Kardashian on Sunday’s episode. “There are situations where retained placenta could be life or death.”

Kardashian expressed worry over maternal love, not health during a sit-down at her Los Angeles pad with a woman who sought a surrogate pregnancy.

“My bond with my kids is so strong,” Kardashian began.

“I think my biggest fear is if I had a surrogate, would I love them the same,” she asked.

The mother, who identified herself as Natalie, said she ended up with twins during the surrogacy and comforted Kardashian by saying she loved her children equally.

“There’s not a day where I have any thought that my love for my kids are different,” Natalie said. “You get to carry one and have them close to you, but then the other is … because you so desperately wanted them in your family.”


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West walk with their two kids, North and Saint West, in New York City.

Kardashian gleaned at least one surrogacy perk from her sister, Kourtney, during their car ride.

“Nobody would know,” the 37-year-old Kardashian said.

Later, the mother of two repeated what she learned to her mother, the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner.

“I could have a new baby and have no one know, and live my life for a good year before we announce it,” Kardashian said.

The social media maven has shied from the limelight following a brazen heist that left Kardashian bound and gagged in her Paris rental last month. The mother of two cried for her “babies at home” just before the armed robbers wrapped her mouth with duct tape.