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FBI investigating Trump for alleged connections with Russia

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Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey has confirmed that FBI is indeed investigating US President Donald Trump after several claims about “a possible attempt by Russian government to influence the outcome of 2016 Presidential elections”.

Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, Comey said that his agency decided to conduct a full investigation into the matter after it became obvious that “not all piece fit together”. However, he stated that even though it is evident that Russian President Vladimir favors Trump, there are no concrete evidences that the two of them worked together to change US political course.


FBI director James Comey explained that Trump’s claims about him being wiretapped by Obama are completely made up

“So far, the Bureau has not come up with any concrete evidences that prove President’s Trump connection with Russian President Putin. However, the investigation will be continued until all doubts are cleared or until new evidences emerge. The investigation is very complex and sensitive, so I cannot give any estimate about when will it be completed, nor how can I give you any details about how it will be carried out”, Comey explained.

The hearing also featured a hearing from Mike Rogers, the director of National Security Agency, who was also called in to testify. He also confirmed that, so far, the US Intelligence community has no concrete proof that President Putin, or anybody in general, interfered and influenced the US election process. When asked about allegations that Russia managed to influence vote counting committees in several US states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Ohio, Rogers replied that “the NSA regards these statements as speculations and unverified claims”.


Mike Rogers, the head of NSA, confirmed that the US Intelligence community has no proof of Russia tampering with US elections

Comey also added that Trump’s assertion on Twitter that Barack Obama had “wire tapped him” is false. “We do not have any information that supports those tweets”, Comey said. He also dismissed other rumors originating from Twitter about Presidential elections, calling them “a bunch of unverified information that is a common thing in mass media and the internet”.

And while both the FBI and NSA will continue their investigations and search for new evidences, analysts conclude that it is more than obvious that Trump’s stories about him being a victim of a wiretap, are false and made up.

Trump’s administration has been under a lot of criticism ever since he won the elections. He was accused by the opposition and Hillary Clinton to have been working undercover with Russian President Vladimir Putin to influence US politics and foreign policy. These claims have been dismissed as “lies” by Trump himself. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not released any comments on the matter, although some Russian officials and analysts confirmed that these allegations are false and unrealistic.