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Clint Eastwood movie screening tonight to support vital spinal research

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A B.C. man who broke his spine during a fishing accident is now joining forces with Clint Eastwood’s movie: The 15:17 to Paris, to raise funds to support spinal research.

Mike Hamill, Grant Roberts and Spencer Stone will be hosting the Clint Eastwood movie at the Springs Ballroom in Tsawwassen Springs Monday night.

Money raised from the event will go towards a new vital spinal research called Exoskeleton, which once completed will allow paraplegics to stand up straight from their chairs.

This is a cause close to Hamill’s heart.

The former wrestling, weightlifting and body building champions’s life was forever changed in June 2017.

While on a fishing trip in Haida Gwaii, Hamill and his friends were going back to the dock after four days of fishing when the boat hit a humpback that was breaching just outside Naden Harbour. Hamill was thrown out into the air and did a flip before he came down on the console of the boat.

The accident broke his back in multiple places, crushed his pelvis, broke both clavicles, both scapulae and all the ribs in his back, leaving him paraplegic. After many weeks in the ICU and now 10 months after his accident he has joined Roberts and Stone to start this new research program to help people like himself and many others in the future.

What these three men have in common is not the circumstances in which their lives have been forever changed, but how they’re using their experiences to try to make a good permanent change in other people’s lives.

The 15:17 to Paris is about the 2015 real life story of how three childhood friends from Sacramento, Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, heroically helped save the lives of passengers on board of a train headed to Paris when an armed man with an assault riffle and pistol opened fire, wounding a passenger. The movie follows the young men’s lives (who play themselves) ever since they became friends as children, and their lives in the military.

Movie stunts coordinator Roberts hopes that people will be inspired after watching this movie Monday night, because “anyone can be a hero.”