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30 Pics You Won’t Stop Looking At. I Can’t Believe #9!

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These are that kind of pics that you don’t see very often. Some of them are simply amazing, some of them are beautiful, and some are just horrifying. Take a look and try not to stare!

1- The internal mechanisms of a Patek Phillipe watch, one of the greatest in the world


2- This machine that puts bricks together and then makes paths.


3- An aclipse during sunset


4- Pyrite perfect cubes


5- Bismuth


6- The deepest swimming pool in the world


7- Melted glass after a fire


8- A human jaw from the inside before losing baby teeth


9- A little turtle riding a jelly fish


10- This piece of skin from the head of a lizard


11- This vast sword memorial located in Norway


12- This amazing hand-drawn wave


13- This combined image of Manhattan today and 400 years ago


14- This bridge built with an old railcar


15- Dubai 18 years after. Unbelievable


16- A Space Mountain from the inside


17- A Fukang meteorite


18- The vision of a human compared to the vision of a cat


19- The appearance of grass after bring hit by a lightning


20- Nope, the image is not distorted. The cabinet was carved like that


21- This 3D printed cast that uses ultrasound technology and helps to heal bones up to 40% faster


21- The refocusing of a camera that took a shot during the explosion of fireworks


23- This bridge that extends over icy water


24- This little wolf looks pretty alive…but it’s made of pipe cleaners


25- This murrine pieces of art that cost around $5,000 each


26- The Space Shuttle Atlantis, viewd by the International Space Station


27- This liter bottle before compressed air was added


28- The Hoover Dam before being filled with water


29- The inside of a plane


30- This scary fish that can eat a prey that is 10 times bigger