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13 Brilliant Ways To Use You Ice Tray!

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Have you ever used an ice tray to make something that’s not ice cubes? Here are 13 amazing ways in which you can make the best use of your ice trays. Choose your favourite one!


1- Make coffee ice cubes to cool off your hot cup


2- Blueberry martini jello shots


3- Frozen strawberries covered with chocolate


4- Have your pesto ready for those moments you want to eat pasta and don’t have much time


5- Sushi


6- Frozen wine for cooking


7- Cookie dough


8- Peanut butter


9- Make chocolate ice cubes to add them to your hot milk


10- Chocolate cheesecake


11- Fruit bites


12- Freeze your herbs in olive


13- Freeze leftover chicken stock for a random recipe