These 20 Vintage Christmas Advertisements Are Beyond Awkward

DECEMBER 14, 2014

There's no time quite like the holidays to take a walk down memory lane. Right now is the season to let visions of sugarplums, favorite childhood gifts, and awkwardly outdated pieces of advertising from years past dance in your head. You might not remember the awful advertisements below, but you won't forget them soon. It's hard to believe that these were ever considered OK to run in magazines and newspapers.

1.) Whoa! Easy there, Santa.

2.) Make your wife the reason Don's sleeping on the couch tonight.

3.) Is her eye OK?

4.) Better play nice, Dad. Don't want that nice little family of yours turning on you.

5.) The perfect gift for that ex-wife of yours.

6.) If you really knew men, you'd know they're not all favoring one brand.

7.) Who has that little girl been playing with?

8.) I think I can tell which gift is his favorite.

9.) I'm sure they'd be more than happy with you simply not calling them that.

10.) A divorce?

11.) Christmas: Now With MORE Second-Hand Smoke!

12.) Looks like someone's got spoons on the brain again.

13.) The gift that keeps on terrifying your neighbors.

14.) I wonder why ads stopped featuring the word "WIVES" in big, block letters...

15.) Perfect for seeing how much the bags your wife packed for you weigh.

16.) Is it just me or is the tree in background on fire?

17.) No, Frosty, DON'T DO IT!

18.) I'm not sure anyone wants to see Santa's meat, even during the Holiday Season.

19.) She's probably just looking for instructions for how to beat her husband over the head with it.

20.) I like to think of Santa as a jolly soul, but not this jolly.


Forget a white Christmas. I'm dreaming of one that doesn't involve super creepy Santas staring up women's skirts.


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