This Beautiful Chandelier Looks Like It'd Be Expensive, But The Reality Is Nuts

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Redditor Chryler, a.k.a. Kristian DuPont, just took DIY decor to the next level. Using clear coffee stirs and staples, he made a chandelier that looks like it popped out of an IKEA catalog. The modern light fixture looks professionally made (not to mention expensive). It's hard to believe it was made using a product people throw away every day.

From far away, it looks like a typical glass chandelier.

Up close, you can see the details of the coffee stirrers.

Kristian poked holes in the ends of each one and stapled them together.

He then drilled holes in a metal bar and added staples for hanging.

Kristian used 1,083 stirrers for this project (that's a lot of coffee).

It's easy for DIY projects to go awry, but this fixture is elegant and classy.

(Source: Reddit

The only thing I've done with coffee stirrers lately is... well, stir my coffee. It really makes me think about how I could recycle other materials into gorgeous DIY crafts. If another crafter used recycled stirrers, or biodegradable plastic, it'd be a great eco-friendly project.  


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