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The word “Sesh” will be added to the English Dictionary

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Scholars at Oxford University confirmed this morning that the word ‘Sesh’, among others, will be added to the English Dictionary, giving it official status in the English Language.

Professor Jonathan Bracegirdle of the Oxford University Press commented: “Our recent studies have shown a 7000% increase in the use of the word from January to June this year alone! Naturally we could not ignore such a surge in popularity. It has been my mission ever since to make it an official part of our rich and beautiful language.”

Andrew Rudge-Hogwood, a Professor of English at Magdalene College, Oxford said, “The ‘Sesh’ is a contraction of the word ‘session’, referring to the collective act of overindulgence and over-intoxication by any and all means. Similar to a party, however a ‘Sesh’ typically starts before midnight and will continue well into the small hours of the morning”.

However the officialising of the word has sparked outrage amongst some in the public, with many saying it will only further encourage binge-drinking, smoking, and substance abuse amongst our nation’s youth.

The rise in the popularity of ‘the sesh’, both the word and the act itself, has also resulted in the OED having to add definitions to words already existent in the English Language. A few of these included:

  • Banger /ˈbaŋə/ () 4. Usually in Disk Jockey sets, these are tracks that make the crowd go crazy; a song that is widely considered to be good.
  • Szechuan /sɛˈtʃwɑːn/ () Informal. See ‘Session’. Playing on the similarity in the phonetics of the two words. See also ‘Sesh’.
  • Norty /ˈnɔːti/ () Used to describe any positive feeling towards something.

Even our Food and Geographical terms have needed additions:

  • Sechwari Naan /sɛˈtʃwɑːriː nɑːn/ () See ‘Szechuan’.
  • Spangladesh /spaŋɡləˈdɛʃ/ () The general state of being too fucked, typically towards the end sesh or a rave, and usually the result of Ecstasy, MDMA, and Ketamine: “Fuck me mate, those pingers were a one-way ticket to Spangladesh”.