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Single Dad Took A Course To Learn How To Style Her Daughter’s Hair. The Results Are Impressive!

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Men are never chosen by little girls to have their hair styled, but Greg Wickherst from Pueblo, Colorado, was really worried about his 3-year-old daughter’s hair and took a cosmetology course to learn some styles.

Father of the year: Greg Wickherst was worried about being able to style the hair of his three-year-old daughter, Izzy, and so took lessons at IntelliTec College in Pueblo, Colorado

‘I spent a couple hours just working on a mannequin and she showed me how to do a bun, a french braid, all the different styles,’ he said.

Effortless: After being tutored by a cosmetologist - a professional hair stylist - Wickherst became a natural

 ‘It blew my mind how easy it was to do a bun,’  ‘I thought it was something super special, like real intricate, especially the one where you don’t finish pulling the ponytail.”

 ‘I thought, Oh my god, that’s so pretty for something that’s so simple..’I don’t think most guys know that it’s that simple.’

Proud: The single father has now become a hit on Facebook, where he posts pictures of Izzy's hair styles