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Scientists showcase the blueprint for a massive quantum computer

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A team of physicists and engineers from Ion Quantum Technology Group of University of Sussex have devised a blueprint for building the world’s biggest and most powerful quantum computer. If built, the machine will be the size of a football pitch and will cost $126 millions to make.

The idea of using a phenomena called quantum entanglement to boost computer processing powers has been around for decades now. Since the early 1980s, scientists have been trying to harness this concept and use it to solve numerous mathematical and computing problems. But this has proven to be a long and frustrating struggle, giving the scientists a headache and limiting the practical use of such a concept.

However, with the recent advancements in technology and implementation of new materials and techniques, the dream of building a practical and relatively affordable quantum computer with nearly unlimited possibilities, is gradually becoming a reality. Companies, teams and institutions from all over the world are racing to be the first ones to accomplish this feat and become the next big player in the industry.

Winfried Hensinger, who leads the team at Ion Quantum Technology Group, says that team will be using ions to trap the magnetic fields in order to create qubits and make their supercomputer work. But in order to achieve this, all components will have to be custom built and put together. They will also have to solve the problem of overheating, which can pose a threat even to the simple, classic kind of computers.

Lockheed Martin’s counterpart

But Hensinger and his team keep an optimistic attitude, pointing out that even though many challenges still lie ahead of them, they are one big step closer to making their dream a reality – “yes it will be big, yes it will be expensive — but it absolutely can be built right now”.

The assembly of the machine is stated to begin this year, so if everything goes according to plan, we will be seeing some amazing computational power at work within the next few years.