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Man hijacks a truck full of gas, attempts to blow up downtown Barcelona!

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Spanish police opened fire on a runaway truck in Barcelona, after one man tried to drive a truck full of gas cylinders to the center of the city and cause a major incident.

The man, whose identity is unknown at the moment, stole the truck and tried to make his way towards downtown Barcelona, the capital of the spanish state of Catalonia. Witnesses and police report that he was travelling at speed greater than 100 km/h. To make things worse, he was driving in the opposite direction of incoming traffic.


The truck was full of gas cylinders, but fortunately none of them exploded

Police immediately started pursuing him, giving their best to force him to stop. Witnesses say that it was like a sight from a movie. Police were firing into the truck’s side windows, in attempts to wound the driver. Several gas cylinders got loose and dropped on the streets during the chase, but frotunately none of them exploded. However, one person did sustain injuries after their car got hit and damaged by a moving gas cylinder.



The truck finally grinded to a halt after it damaged several vehicles along the way

The vehicle was eventually forced to a halt on a slip road off the motorway. Police swiftly sorrounded the truck and apperhanded him. The perpetrator’s name is Joakim Robin Berggren and he is a Swedish national. After the arrest and interrogation, he has been taken to a medical facility for psychological examination. An investigation was launched by the counter-terror task force, which will determine whether this was a terrorist attack or just a lone incident.


The crazed truck driver being arrested by the Spanish police

Spanish police have been put on high alert after a wave of deadly terrorist attacks struck ParisNice and Munich in the last few years. Authorities hope that Spain will be spared of any terrorist related violence and destrucion.