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Grandma Leaves Brutal Comment On Granddaughter’s New Photo

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Grandma leaves absolutely brutal comment on her granddaughter's profile picture

Spare a thought for poor Scottish teenager Chloe Gallacher, who just got publicly slammed by her grandma. Bit embarrassing.

Chloe Gallacher knew she was looking good, so decided to share a selfie on her Facebook. As you do.

She captioned it: ‘Finally a selfie without that daft dog picture.’

All was well in the world of her Facebook page. The photo was getting likes. Everything was going well.

Until Chloe’s grandma, Mary Kennedy, rolled in and decided to deliver a glorious backhanded compliment.

She pondered: ‘How stunning would you be if you lost wight [sic] xx’

A woman has been dubbed Scotlandís most ìsavage nanaî after telling her granddaughter to lose weight in front of thousands of her friends. Mary Kennedy, 70, made the brutal comment after her granddaughter Chloe Gallacher updated her profile picture on Facebook. Within ten minutes of the 19 year-old updating the picture straight-talking Mary took to the post to give her thoughts, writing: ìHow stunning would you be if you lost weight.î The shocked teen from Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire quickly responded to the message, writing: ìAw, aye thanks very much nana!

Luckily, Chloe didn’t let her grandma’s comment get her down, responding: ‘Aw, aye thanks very much nana!

‘Dunno whether to laugh or cry right now. Nothing like a wee self confidence boost eh? Cheers doll.’

Mary’s comment was quickly followed by plenty of other people telling Chloe how great she looks in her photo and Mary explained to Mail Online that she really didn’t mean any harm with her comment.

“I’m not very good on Facebook, I just go on there to see what’s going on, I probably should have private messaged it because it was just meant to be seen by her but I’m glad she took it well, I was only saying it in a nice way. She’s beautiful. It wasn’t meant as a dig.” she said.

Grandma leaves brutal comment on granddaughter's profile photo