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9 Ridiculous U.S Laws That Don’t Make Sense At All

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Next time you visit the U.S, try not to break these ridiculous laws. And if you live in the U.S, well, you should know this!

1- In Nevada, men with mustaches can’t kiss

So shave yourself before you meet your girl


2- In Hawaii, no coind are allowed in the ears

Forget about that old magic trick


3- In Texas you’re not allowed to milk others’ cows

Just yours!


4- It’s forbidden to slurp on soup in New Jersey

That’s so sad!


5- No eating in places on fire in Chicago

Who would do that anyway?


6- No gossiping in Indiana

That’s fair!


7- You’re not allowed to drive in a housecoat in California

In case you were wondering…


8- No feather duster tickling in Maine!

No one likes that!


9- No picnics are allowed in graveyards in Georgia

Your teenage dream goes to waste