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16 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 6 Can Do. #11 Will Save You Lots Of Time!

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That day has finally arrived. It’s time to get rid of your old iPhone 4S and get your new iPhone 6. The only problem is that you have no idea of how to use it to get advantage of its improved space and functionality. Here are some tips to perfectly operate this amazing gadget.

1. Use your iPad charger. It will charge faster than the charger it comes with.

2. Turn on grayscale mode to save battery.


3. Check what apps are killing your battery and stop them.


4. Send audio texts that will disappear after 2 minutes unless you want to save them.


5. Touch the home button to to bring the top to the bottom.


6. Make icons for your favorite websites.


7. For a quick text reply, drag down on the message notification.


8. Use hands-free Siri when driving.


9. Get back Safari tabs back.


10. Have your emergency medical info loaded and locked just in case.


11. Use iMessage so your friends know how to find you.


12. Hide photos from your stream.


13. Keep track of everything from steps to stairs traversed in a day with the Health app.


14. Use DuckDuckGo as your search device. 


15. Scan your card.


16. Hold the photo button to take many shots.