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14 Ways To Know If You Have Found Your BFF

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There are many different types of soul mates, among them, friends. Best friends. Check these list of 14 facts that will make you realize if you have found your BFF.


1. A short glance at each other is enough for both to burst into a fit of laughter


2. It’s fine to act like the lesbian partner when a guy is bothering your friend


3. You are brutally honest with each other


4. Nothing is off the limits for you two


5. It’s OK for you to sleep in the same bed


6. Remaining silent isn’t awkward for you


7. You support each other no matter what the ambitions and dreams are


8. It’s OK for you to drive 15 hours in a row


9. Best friends know everything the guy they’re dating and support each other, buy if the guy breaks your heart, she will break his leg!


10. You know each other’s good side when taking pictures


11. You can live miles apart, but your friendship will remain the same


12. They are your first message in the morning and the last one at night


13. You can’t read her message in public because changes are it will make you laugh really hard