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10 Brilliant Life Hacks To Save Time, Money, And Lots Of Effort

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Everyone loves life hacks, not only for the creativity they require, but mostly because they are giant time and effort savers. Here’s a list of 10 new life hacks that will, of course, make your life easier.


1- Use paper-washers for a professional manicure


2- Make your own portable trash bin for your car with a cereal container


3- Put your phone in a bowl or mug and in loudspeaker to amplify it’s volume


4- Apply mustard to burns to minimize the pain


5- Use a lint-roller to clean the hard-to-reach grime in your backpack or purse


6- Put saline to your dried out mascara to make it moist and usable again


7- Use pop can tabs for sturdier, stable picture hangers


8- Put mayonnaise to those water stains on your wooden furniture


9- Coat candle-holders with cooking spray to easily remove them when the candles are done


10- Apply butter to the sliced end of unfinished cheese to keep it preserved longer


11- Rub a banana on damaged CD’s so as to repair scratches


12- Use a can-opener to open thick plastic containers


13- Use spaghetti to light hard-to-reach candles


14- Apply VapoRub to wounds or areas you don’t want your pet licking or scratching


15- Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water of your flowers to extend their life


16- Use a big spoon to open those stubborn lids


17- Make you own wrinkle spray by mixing vinegar and fabric softener


18- I f you have a sore throat, eat marshmellows. The gelatin they have soothes inflamation


19- Treat sunburns with Earl Grey teabags. They have great herbal properties that reduce skin damage